We aim to equip all our students to be future ready. For us, this means developing the skills and qualities that are going to be of value when the next generation become leaders - the people who will shape and create the world of tomorrow. We believe one of the key communication tools for everyone who wants to pursue a successful caree- whether in the arts, science, finance, medicine or engineering - is code.

Education today needs to renew itself and ensure that we teach in a way that truly engages the spirit and motivation of every child and that really understands what they will need to be able to do in the future - as Jack Ma said in his presentation at Davos 2018, while robots may take over 800 million jobs by 2030, “We need to make sure humans are different from machines.” The old knowledge based education is not good enough for the next generation; we must teach the soft skills - values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork and caring for others. Education needs to include sports, music, painting and art. Or as Ken Robinson might say, we need to dance everyday.

We believe that our camps, combining creative themes and coding, engage our students at a level that taps into what makes them human, what makes them different, what makes them ready for a future that none of us can really predict today.