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Architecture + Coding Camp

This camp will be differentiated between Mega, Giga and Tera coders (Years 3 - 8) coders who want to learn about Architecture while experiencing the tech and toys they love-Minecraft & Lego! 

By focusing on specific spatial and creative tasks for the campers to complete and building challenges for them to achieve on their own and in groups, campers will experience a professional field and see how it fits into their everyday lives. 

Architectural concepts such as plans, sections, elevations and model making will be introduced to the children who will have plenty of hands on time and guidance to understand these principles. Tera campers will use industry wide 3D modelling software and a visual coding platform to build geometries using code.  The Mega campers will be using a programming language similar to Scratch to build things like skyscrapers!

We hope to see your budding architects very soon!

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