Our 5 tips for avoiding the 'Summer slide'


Sometimes kids experience a ‘learning loss’ over the long holidays - Cypher camp to the rescue! Here’s our 5 tips to help children stay curious and get ahead:

1. Connect with the outside world

STEM activities can be found everywhere - get them to help you baking, gardening and shopping and your kids will be learning weights, measures, fractions, science, biology, maths and keeping those brain cells ticking

2. Unplug

We make sure all Cypher camps have a really healthy balance of on and off screen time - keep this up at home with ‘no phones at the table’ and encourage family time conversations by playing 20 questions - think of famous female scientists or favourite Marvel characters!

3. Stimulate creativity

Cypher afternoons are a time to get into creative projects bringing code to life through 3D printing, digital art, holograms, music and Lego - essential to inspire the imagination

4. Learn alongside them

Get your kids to log into their Tynker account or play Minecraft and sit alongside - they’ll appreciate your interest and you might learn something too

5. Listen first

Don’t bombard your kids with questions when they come out of camp - give them time to talk, ask specific questions about what you know they’ve been doing, let them open up - kids whose parents engage in their learning have better academic performance and less behavioural problems

©2018 Elizabeth Tweedale

Elizabeth Tweedale