Cypher Inspiration

What will you teach my children?

At Cypher we aim to provide our students with all the essential tools they’ll need for the future, while having as much fun as possible! By having a rounded program and curriculum, we help educate and excite our students by teaching them essential computing skills and core computer sciences, as well as feeding their expression and wonder with our core creative themes! 

Who are your teachers?

Here at Cypher, we take education and inspiration seriously. As such all our teachers are vetted, hired, and trained by us directly. 

Will my child be with other children of the same age?

Yes. Once we know who is attending our holiday camps, we make sure students are kept within a suitable age group, for both educational and social purposes.

Do students need to bring a laptop?

Students are allowed to bring their own laptops, but they do not need to. Cypher provide everything your child needs during camp, from laptops and teaching materials, to healthy snacks and water. 

Will my child get breaks from the computer screen?

Yes! Breaks from computers are written into our holiday camp schedules, but our varied curriculum also ensures that the projects they are working on are not always in front of computer screens. The importance of these breaks will also be reiterated to our students throughout the course.

What times are your camps?

Our full day camps usually run between 10am and 4pm. We do run some half day camps however so please check each Cypher location to see both the dates and times of our camps before booking.

Do you provide lunch during camp?

While we provide healthy snacks and water during breaks, we don't provide lunch during camp. Instead we ask that students bring a pack lunch with them. No nuts allowed though sorry!