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On April 22, 2021

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According to a recent BBC article, the UK is heading towards a "catastrophic" digital skills shortage “disaster”. Not enough students, especially girls, are learning the digital skills that the world needs to recover from the pandemic and create a positive and economically sound future.


We believe that every child today needs to be fluent in technological communication skills and eliminate any barriers to their dreams and ambitions. Learning to code is a great introduction to the world of computer science. Cypher camps go beyond just learning a computer language and excite children with the possibilities of computational thinking. Our courses also teach a future key skill set that goes beyond digital - these human skills will be highly valued - creativity, problem solving, collaboration and communication. Importantly, at the core of Cypher teaching is the concept of fuelling curiosity.


If you listened to The Life Scientific on Radio 4 this Tuesday morning you would have heard Jim Al-Khalili talking to eminent scientist Jane Clarke, an expert in molecular bio-physics. Where did her passion for science come from? Her Mother, she says. “As a child I was always encouraged to be curious, to always ask why, to never be fearful of being wrong. I would always be encouraged to believe that I could do anything.”


Our camps nurture this belief. Our courses help children develop the habits of being curious, to have the courage to have a go, develop the resilience to experiment, fail and try again. By giving children the tools to employ computational thinking, to problem solve, to be creative - we believe that we are helping them to be the well rounded citizens that we need in the future - to be future ready.


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