Kids Learn to Code through Creative Themes - Awesome Animal Adventures!

On July 6, 2021

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by Jonathan Munro


At Cypher Summer Coding Camps,  kids will be learning to code whilst exploring the wonderful world of amazing animals! For a long time, humans have learned a whole host of unique skills from nature, from flight to seeing in the dark. At Cypher coding camps, we are always looking for ways to engage students in our coding classes whilst teaching them about the world in new and exciting ways. Animals capture every child's imagination. The fantastic ways nature provides animals with completely different ways to perceive the world is awe-inspiring and give us ideas to create new tools for the challenges and solutions for humans' own problems.


> Technology Inspired by Nature 


A few examples of how humans continue to look to nature include black box engineers who have studied woodpeckers’ skulls to learn how to improve the strength of their designs. Hummingbirds have the fantastic ability to hover and fly backwards, inspiring helicopter designers to enhance their plans and optimize their machines' flying skills. Or finally, a bionic arm design inspired by an elephant trunk's impressive dexterity which is made up of 40,000 muscles and no bones.


In one of our coding classes for kids, we will be showing students how dolphins use echolocation to navigate their environment, find food and avoid predators. Children will learn more about these fantastic animals whilst also learning how to use echolocation to help us sense our environment and think about the type of solutions they can develop using these technologies. In other sessions, we will look at how snakes smell through their tongues and how bees can sense magnetic forces using their abdomens to help them navigate around.


> Why Teaching Kids to Code is Important

Teaching children to make things using technology that is inspired by nature has multiple advantages. It allows students to learn new things about animals and help them see how special and unique they are. It shows them how animal evolution has developed many solutions for surviving and thriving on our planet. It pushes curiosity to the forefront and encourages children to look around them, even at the most miniature animals and look for their hidden skills. We aim to help children in this journey and build different layers of appreciation for nature and encourage them to use technology differently.


For our young people to thrive in the twenty-first century, they will need a mixture of skills, including understanding how to use technologies and build new tools. Having a broad range of skills in different coding languages will be one way to enable our students to be confident and able to create solutions to future problems. The challenges will likely come from understanding how we can better support nature and live side-by-side with animals. We hope our coding camps for kids support your children's education journey.


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