Summer camps - coding, nature, culture and sport_

On April 26, 2021

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Ever wondered how dolphins use echolocation to see? Did you know eagle’s eyes use UV light to track their prey? Do you know what new sports have been added to this year’s Olympics?


We have two great themes for our kids coding camps rotating over the Summer holidays to intrigue every curious child and inspire their interest in learning to code:
> Awesome Animal Adventures - nature + code
> Tokyo Olympics - sport + culture + code

> Awesome Animal Adventures - NATURE + CODE

Alongside learning to code, this camp will build an understanding of the fundamentals of computational thinking for kids through their love of nature and conservation and excite them about the potential for technology in the future.

  • Kids learn to code through their love of nature and conservation
  • Take a new look at the world from an animal’s perspective - whether diving to the
    deep with echolocation or flying high with a birds-eye view and HD vision
  • We teach kids to code as we explore the amazing senses of dolphins, snakes, bears, bees and eagles and find out the science behind them


> Tokyo Olympics - SPORT + CULTURE + CODE

With all the excitement of the Olympics and Paralympics this year, this camp will get your kids coding as they learn about the events at the Olympics and the rich culture of the host nation, Japan. Whether your child is into sport, fashion, art or games - this is the right place for them!

  • Kids learn to code games inspired by the five new olympic sports: baseball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing
  • Explore Japan's rich culture through 3D worlds, game design, mapping, digital art and programming


Our camps this Summer will be running:

  • On Location and Live Online
  • 12th July - 3rd September
  • Mondays - Fridays
  • On Location - great locations across London for 5 full days of enriched childcare from 10am - 4pm for 5 - 12 year old.  
  • Live Online camps can be accessed from home and at only 90-minutes a day allow lots of time for fun in the sun too, for ages 6-12
  • You can choose your daily time slot when you book