Teaching for Cypher - How do we help get children future ready?

On August 20, 2021

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By Miriam Barriga, Teacher Relationship Manager and Lead Teacher


At Cypher we pride ourselves on preparing our students to become future ready and equipped with all of the necessary tools and understanding to be successful. Not only do children learn to code with us, but our creative content also teaches many transferable skills such as the ability to think creatively, communicate effectively and confidently problem solve. Our teachers are an integral part of this, and help bring our specialised, creative content to life in our coding classes for kids both online and in person.


Personally, joining Cypher was one of the best career decisions I have made. An opportunity to teach children coding, the language of the future, through some amazing themes? Sign me up! At Cypher, we believe it’s important that while learning coding, students are informed on the important topics of today. Content is provided by our incredible education team, who work hard to create themes that align with important and relevant topics, which is then delivered by our pool of inspiring teachers. Teaching for Cypher means that not only do you have students who are excited to learn, but as a teacher you can become totally engrossed in the fantastic content yourself


My favourite coding camps for kids over just the last year have included our ‘Magic May Camp’ where our very own magician/Cypher teacher had a magic trick for every day of camp and ‘Amazing Art Camp’ where students learnt about an array of artists and then became one themselves through coding projects. Our coding camps for kids are a key part of the Cypher curriculum and student journey. Sometimes it’s difficult to know who is having more fun - the teachers or students! Our popular ‘Code Detectives Camp’ had students building and coding their own Virtual Reality Platformer and Escape Room games, where both students and teachers alike enthusiastically personalised aspects. 


Our teaching incorporates core principles of instruction. This includes introducing new concepts using a tiered system, checking for learning and understanding to ensure students are engaged and developing in lessons. It also involves  reviewing teaching to gauge overall progress. By equipping our teachers with this knowledge, we can standardise our teaching to make sure that all lessons are delivered to the same Cypher standard. Teachers come to us with coding and teaching expertise, ranging from the computer science lab to the theatre but they are all united under the same Cypher vision.


From interviews, to onboarding, training and eventual teaching, we provide a complete programme for our teachers to ensure they are delivering the best coding classes for kids. We build a relationship with our teachers, including regularly asking for feedback and providing additional support where needed. 


At Cypher, we are proud of the different experiences our teachers bring to their lessons, and we give them the autonomy to use their strengths to shine in the classroom environment. These skills, alongside our Teacher Training courses, mean that our kids learn to code from the best, ensuring that when they graduate from Cypher, they really are future ready.


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