Tokyo Olympics Themed Coding Course for Kids

On July 9, 2021

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by Pete Stephan


This summer at Cypher Summer Coding camps, kids will learn how to code while exploring the exciting world of sport and Japanese culture, in celebration of the Tokyo Olympics. At the olympics, athletes will compete in a wide range of events, including five new events: surfing, sport climbing, skateboarding, baseball/softball, and karate. Kids at Cypher Coding camps will be engaging their creativity and problem-solving skills in coding classes that explore the connections between sport and technology. Sport and competition have always inspired advancement in technology to achieve a competitive edge, keep athletes healthy, and document achievements. Cypher Coding camps will offer students coding classes that dive into the possibilities of sport and tech while opening kids’ horizons to the culture of Olympic host nation Japan.


> Sport and Technology


For years, athletes and coaches have looked to technology as a way to improve performance, and ultimately win. In football, the use of GPS tracking vests for players has become common as a way to customize training routines and get the best from players, while avoiding overwork. In baseball and softball, the statistical revolution changed the game and clubs now rely on massive archives of data to inform their decision-making. Even in sport climbing, climbers use mapping software to plan routes and scout new walls.


In Cypher’s coding classes for kids this summer, we’ll explore the five new events being added for the Tokyo Olympics and how they connect to Japanese culture. In one of our coding lessons for kids, students will learn about the connection between skateboarding, the world of art, and Japanese animation or anime. Other lessons will teach children how the importance of the sea in Japanese culture relates to surfing and about the history of the Japanese martial art of karate.


> Why is it important for kids to learn how to code?


Teaching kids to learn coding through the lens of sport and culture in the Tokyo Olympics has several benefits. First, it allows children to better understand another culture, and see how mutual respect between cultures can be exhibited through sportsmanship and honest competition. It also helps kids to see how code and technology can give teams and individuals a competitive edge and push everyone to new heights of greatness. Finally, it helps students see that technology isn’t an isolated field, but can be used to enhance and support all manner of athletic and cultural pursuits.


Cypher’s Summer Coding camps are designed to help kids be future-ready. This means learning to use new technologies to solve problems and achieve goals. Not only will the lessons in our Sports + Culture + Code camp provide kids with knowledge in different coding languages and platforms, it will also help them to see how the skills they’re learning can be applied to help athletes achieve their fullest potential. Along the way, our students will become more confident and comfortable with their coding and problem-solving skills. We aim to provide a unique and powerful learning experience for your child as they explore the world of code.



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