Ages 5-6

Micro coders are our reception and early years students focusing on fun introductory coding concepts and games in order to be welcomed into the world of technology. Students start with simple block based coding and learn coding languages on and off the screen. We help Micro coders understand a healthy approach to screen time as well as working on mastering the development of their all around technology skills.

some languages we learn

some languages we learn

> Some examples of our work

This level of knowledge equips Micro coders to focus on the tools of the future and how they all work together. These tools and the knowledge of the technology and code behind them, are fundamental building blocks of today's financial systems, educational systems and businesses around the world.


Our CYPHER certification recognises the achievements of every student as they progress on their journey to becoming future ready.

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Rachel, Cypher Teacher

Big Blue Adventure, Dulwich - Dulwich Prep

Teaching at Cypher is great because everyday brings something new! We create new projects each session and it's wonderful to see how quickly the kids improve over the course of the camp!