Ages 9-10

Giga coders transition over to text-based coding languages, such as JavaScript and Python to design art projects and buildings, textiles and 3D digital models and even multilevel games. They will learn the fundamentals of web and mobile tools and perfect their touch-typing. Students delve further into the Cypher themes in order to use code to build their own mods in Minecraft, learn about coding for hardware devices and robots and explore design principles in order to enhance their understanding of the link between technology and creativity.

some languages we learn

some languages we learn

>Some examples of our work

This level of knowledge equips Giga coders to focus on the tools of the future and how they all work together. These tools and the knowledge of the technology and code behind them, are fundamental building blocks of today's financial systems, educational systems and businesses around the world.

Our CYPHER certification recognises the achievements of every student as they progress on their journey to becoming future ready.

Maria Monteiro

World Tour, Notting Hill - Southbank

Our girls really loved the Cypher Coders camp they attended in Notting Hill, London. They spent two days learning about coding, playing with mini robots, creating music and sounds with a computer and putting on a fashion show using special circuits and lights... the eldest even got to command a drone! They did lots of hands-on coding projects while actually having fun! Would highly recommend it! ????????