Ages 8-9

Mega Coders will continue with block-based coding, learning more in-depth concepts, designing their own projects and implementing them into a program using sequences, selections and repetition. Students progression will include variables and work with data. STEM subjects are incorporated into the curriculum, such as programming for drones and using different robotic platforms. Our Mega coders are introduced to real world examples of coding in Fashion, Architecture, Art and Writing in order to introduce cross-curricular subjects and interests as well as help motivate them for the future.

some languages we learn

some languages we learn

>Some examples of our work

This level of knowledge equips Mega coders to focus on the tools of the future and how they all work together. These tools and the knowledge of the technology and code behind them, are fundamental building blocks of today's financial systems, educational systems and businesses around the world.

Our CYPHER certification recognises the achievements of every student as they progress on their journey to becoming future ready.

Nicholas, Mega Coder, Age 8

World Tour, Ealing - NHEHS

Happy Easter! Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons. They were really fun, I really liked them and I learnt a lot of new things about animals as well.