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Detectives + code

Code Detectives

Crack the code! Decipher the amazing world of clues and codes to be a super sleuth - follow in the footsteps of Enola Holmes and her famous brother Sherlock. Every day of camp children will be challenged to solve a new puzzle - and use their curiosity, creativity and coding skills to reveal the truth! This exciting new camp will be enthralling for students new to coding as well as our most experienced coders - come along and add the power of your enquiring mind to our mystery-busting team.


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> What we do around here_

Our activities 

At our exciting CODE DETECTIVES camps students will:

> Solve a brain teaser a day using code
> Learn to code using the programmes Cospaces or Roblox
> Create worlds where every corner holds a hidden clue
> Explore the idea of Sherlock Holmes’ mind palace - memory games, visualisation, the ‘brain attic’
> Make characters to take the challenges - will teleportation help to solve a puzzle?
> Small class sizes and personal attention helps kids to build confidence and get the most out of technology
> Inspiring, patient teachers live online throughout the sessions


Learning to code and solving problems help stimulate a child’s cognitive abilities, as well as helping them to stay focused on a task. This can sharpen the thinking process, exercise the mind, improve concentration, stimulate creativity and improve memory.


Plus at our camps:

> Friends can sign up together - great for getting sociable
> They will have great fun!
> Get your child future ready

theme details

Each child’s curriculum is carefully curated to their age and ability. New students will be introduced to all themes offered and set on a path of learning and fun. Returning students will continue their learning with new content.

We will engage your child in the core concepts of coding, building on any previous knowledge and each child attending for at least three days will receive a certificate of their achievement.

For a well-rounded experience, we also incorporate outside play and other camp activities.

We will explore

Digital Art
Architecture & Design

We will explore

Digital Art
Architecture & Design

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