Summertime Specials

Nature or Sport & Culture + code

The two themes will alternate over the holidays for a sensational Summer:

Awesome Animal Adventures - Nature + code
Animals do the most amazing things - and we want to find out how technology can help us to find out more! At camp we will be learning to code as we explore the senses of dolphins, snakes, bears, bees and eagles. This camp will build an understanding of the fundamentals of computational thinking for kids through their love of nature and conservation and excite them about the potential for technology in the future.

Tokyo Olympics - Sport + Culture + code
The Tokyo Summer Olympics are introducing five new sports: baseball, karate, skate boarding, sport climbing and surfing! Inspired by these we will be designing games and using code to measure, track and record sporting achievements - large and small.





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Our activities 

At camp students will learn to code while they find out about the stars of the new sports and how to use technology to measure and track events, fitness and performance. But we won’t be forgetting the arts and culture of Japan - looking at everything from the traditional tea ceremony, to beautiful kimonos, Studio Ghibli and Anime to inspire designing games and virtual 3D worlds.

Learning to code and solving problems help stimulate a child’s cognitive abilities, as well as helping them to stay focused on a task. This can sharpen the thinking process, exercise the mind, improve concentration, stimulate creativity and improve memory.


Plus at our camps:

> Friends can sign up together - great for getting sociable
> They will have great fun!
> Get your child future ready

theme details

Each child’s curriculum is carefully curated to their age and ability. New students will be introduced to all themes offered and set on a path of learning and fun. Returning students will continue their learning with new content.

We will engage your child in the core concepts of coding, building on any previous knowledge and each child attending for at least three days will receive a certificate of their achievement.

For a well-rounded experience, we also incorporate outside play and other camp activities.

We will explore


We will explore


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