Our camps provide an education in creativity and coding for children aged 5 - 14. Each camp is set up to cater for the individual children who attend, ensuring they are grouped with other students of similar age and experience.

Our CYPHER certification recognizes the achievements of every student as they progress on their journey to becoming future ready.

Entrepreneurship + code

Build A Business

Give children the tools to build their dream business and shape their future.

Calling all inventors, future founders and young entrepreneurs! We are so excited to be rolling out our…

Winter Wonderland + code

December 2021

Students will explore a winter wonderland of different topics and coding projects. The topics in this camp range from animals and the natural world to the more fantastical elements of the winter season.  Usi…

Magic + code

Weekend Club - Saturday Magic

Starting 12th June - Magical Saturday coding classes_ NEW! Wondering what to do on a Saturday morning? Can’t wait for Summer camps? Try our new Magic + code classes kicking off from Saturday, 12th Ju…

Game design + code

Special Minecraft Camp_

Minecraft camp
If you love Minecraft this is for you! Explore new adventures and get crafting - your imagination is the only limitation. Our Minecraft Gaming Camp (ages 6-10) is design…

Game design + code

Special Roblox Camp_

Roblox Creator camp
Have your kids been caught by the Roblox bug? Roblox has become increasingly popular over the last year and 40% of players are women and girls. One reason for Roblo…

Nature or Sport & Culture + code

Summertime Specials

The two themes will alternate over the holidays for a sensational Summer:

Awesome Animal Adventures - Nature + code
Animals do the most amazing things - and we want to find out…

Puzzles + code

Curiouser + Curiouser

Every child’s brain is a Wonderland! Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland our camps will be an amazing journey for the imagination. Each day we will explore a new Wonderland world and meet the White…

Conservation + code

Global Greening

Kids today really care about the environment. The few benefits of the lockdown, like lower air pollution and clearer seas, have opened our eyes to the possibility that our actions can make a difference. Perh…

World Culture + code

World Tour

Cultural visits are one of the things that helps to keep kids’ brains up to speed over the long Summer holidays - but there’s no need to miss out because of travel restrictions! Join Team Cypher on our virtu…

Marine Ecology + code

Big Blue Adventure

Our popular theme returns with new challenges under the sea and ways to help save our oceans. The oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface - but only 5% of the sea floor is mapped - a whole seascape to discov…

Conservation x Nature + code

Animal Planet

Children today will inherit the planet - they need all the help we can give them to keep it safe. Inspired by David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds One Planet - we’re bringing an animal perspective of the world…