Elizabeth Tweedale founded Cypher in 2016 to inspire children to learn to code, to use computational thinking and realise the potential of technology to improve the future - their future. She has gathered together a talented team of individuals to develop our unique curriculum, curate the most compelling content and deliver outstanding customer service.


Founder & CEO - visionary leader and inspirational educationalist, leading the team, committed to excellence and equipping all children to be future ready

Leadership Team


Managing all UK operations and right-hand woman to Elizabeth
With a background in facilitating entrepreneurs, Jodie is a perfect fit for the growing Cypher team. Day to day she keeps the Cypher vision on track and leads all UK operations and is learning more about coding every day.

Director of Education

Developing the Cypher curriculum and content - Jonathan leads the development and implementation of Cypher’s educational vision through the teaching curriculum and technological resources. Jonathan has a unique perspective as a practising artist, technology expert and educationalist.


Masterminding all recruitment and adding strategic support as part of the Leadership Team - As Chief Personnel Officer, Andrea oversees and facilitates all recruitment to Cypher including core team and teachers. Experience at JP Morgan, with small startups and as a mother gives her the perfect credentials.

Creative Director

Keeping Cypher on brand and adding creative inspiration - Every new startup needs a strong brand. Working initially with Elizabeth before the launch of Cypher, Kate developed the brand strategy and guided the visual identity as a consultant. Impressed by the Cypher vision, joined as Creative Director.


Chief Technical Officer - keeping this platform up and running with his amazing team


Teacher Relationship Manager & Lead Teacher

Not only a superb teacher herself but also coordinating and supporting our teaching team - With a degree in English and Spanish, and a background in project management, Miriam brings her talents together to ensure the smooth running of our teacher timetabling and training.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Planning and executing our social media strategy - An experienced and creative social media expert, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and practical implementation to our Social Media marketing. Herself a Mum, she understands the challenges of parenthood and work/life balance.

Customer Insight Manager

Ensuring we listen to our customers and see the world from their perspective - Mimi's background in PR, her natural talent for making people feel comfortable, and being a Mum has created a unique role at Cypher being our insightful channel for 'keeping it real' for our customers.

Designer & Advertising Manager

Designs all the brand assets, manages the website and advertising, and doesn't sleep - - Joining Cypher as a Masters Graduate from the University of the Arts in 2017, Lise has been instrumental in developing and growing the Cypher brand. Her astounding design skills keep the Cypher brand in tip-top shape

Marketing & Customer Success Manager

Dedicated to creating the best marketing for Cypher and keeping our customers happy - With a natural flair for communications, Alyssa manages Cypher's marketing with expertise and enthusiasm. She has a particular talent for writing and directing videos bringing the Cypher offer to life.