Girls surf too_

On April 30, 2021

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Carissa Moore, four time surfing world champion, is the first US woman to qualify for the Olympics. She is such an inspiration! Riss (as she is known) is widely known for her overwhelming positivity. Carissa was brought up in Hawaii and imbued with strong personal and family values from a young age.


Surfing too has played a leading role in her life since she was just 5 years old, thanks to her dad, who got her into the sport as soon as he could and remains by her side as her coach today. Their father x daughter relationship sounds like the sort all dads aspire to.


Together they focus not only on winning world titles but also inspiring others to benefit from surfing in the same ways they have. As a result, they set up the charity Moore Aloha with a simple mission; to encourage young females to be strong, confident and compassionate individuals through the sport of surfing.


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