Build A Business

Entrepreneurship + code

Give children the tools to build their dream business and shape their future.

Calling all inventors, future founders and young entrepreneurs! We are so excited to be rolling out our Build A Business Camp this October Half-term, where students will unleash their imagination and bring their brilliant business ideas to life using the power of code. With code anything is possible, no business idea is too weird, wonderful or out of this world. Who knows your child’s light bulb idea could be the beginning of a unicorn company in the making!


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Our activities 

Students will learn to code and use this tool to build their brand, find their key customers, and showcase their business.

At camp, students will:
> Use Scratch or JavaScript to bring their businesses to life
> Shape their world-changing vision showcasing it with a logo, website and game
> Gain confidence by learning to pitch their ideas Dragon’s Den style
> Develop an entrepreneurial mindset harnessing the power of computational thinking
> Get ahead of the crowd and become future-ready!

theme details

Each child’s curriculum is carefully curated to their age and ability. New students will be introduced to all themes offered and set on a path of learning and fun. Returning students will continue their learning with new content.

We will engage your child in the core concepts of coding, building on any previous knowledge and each child attending for at least three days will receive a certificate of their achievement.

For a well-rounded experience, we also incorporate outside play and other camp activities.

We will explore

Digital Art

We will explore

Digital Art

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