NEW! Micro:bit weekend clubs

Micro:bit + code

Live Online only

This new Cypher Live Online club is all about getting hands-on with the BBC micro:bit and learning the fundamentals of coding - combining arts and crafts with computational thinking. Using materials from around the house, students will programme their micro:bit - a computer ‘brain’ - to control their imaginative inventions.

With our brilliant Cypher tutors live online throughout the sessions via Zoom, kids will more confidently explore the potential of computing and be guided in making some fun gadgets from a micropet to an electronic counter. Our micro:bit clubs are great for all kinds of kids, girls and boys, and are brilliant for taking kit out of the box and getting to grips with the exciting possibilities their creativity can conjure up.

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> What we do around here_

Our activities 

Course details

> Runs over two consecutive weekends - four 90 minute sessions from 10.00 - 11.30am each day
> All sessions are Live Online - with our expert Cypher teachers present throughout - all DBS checked and trained in safeguarding
> This course is designed for students to use their new micro:bit hardware with easy to find materials around the house
> Students will design and make a new project in each of the four sessions
> The micro:bit kit will be delivered directly to you/the recipient of your choice
> Students will learn how to use the Microsoft MakeCode block-based coding environment to make the Micro:bit react to all sorts of input
> Small class sizes - max 6 students
> For ages 8-13

How it works

> Book micro:bit club here
> Enter the delivery details for the student so that we can send the micro:bit kit directly to them
> We will send a micro:bit club voucher to you or the desired recipient - with booking details and joining instructions



> Latest date to order for club attendance: 10th January 2021

Price includes the BBC micro:bit kit delivered and four Cypher Live Online lessons


> First Saturday: Getting started and Happy Face
> First Sunday: Micropet
> Second Saturday: Fidget Cube
> Second Sunday: Everything counts


> Saturday & Sunday 16th & 17th January plus Saturday & Sunday 23rd & 24th January


Kit needed for the course

> Essential:

micro:bit kit - which contains:
1 x micro:bit v2 board – in either red, yellow, green & blue (please note we cannot select the colour of the micro:bit you will receive)
1 x Quick start guide
1x micro USB Cable
1x Battery Holder
2x AAA Batteries
Scrap cardboard
Coloured Pencils
Plain paper


> Optional:

Pipe cleaners
Coloured  paper


theme details

Each child’s curriculum is carefully curated to their age and ability. New students will be introduced to all themes offered and set on a path of learning and fun. Returning students will continue their learning with new content.

We will engage your child in the core concepts of coding, building on any previous knowledge and each child attending for at least three days will receive a certificate of their achievement.

For a well-rounded experience, we also incorporate outside play and other camp activities.

We will explore

Digital Art

We will explore

Digital Art

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