Cypher Live Online Clubhouse


Our Cypher Live Online Clubhouse courses are a great extra-curricular activity for all children 6-12 years old and are a brilliant alternative to in-person after-school clubs - a great place where kids can meet-up after school in the same virtual classroom! A real opportunity for students to begin or continue to develop their computational thinking skills in the comfort of their own home.

    Cypher Live Online Clubs

    • Each club runs for a term, 10 weeks, one session per week
    • We hold clubs on Monday-Friday for a range of ages - pick the right day and time that suits your schedule
    • Each age group will focus on fun projects, computer skills and interactive challenges tailored to them
    • Returning students will continue their coding journey, hone their skills, try out new concepts and reinforce their computer science skills
    • Friends and school classes will be grouped together when possible
    • Students will build a strong foundation in coding and computer science at home
    • And not to forget, clubs are taught by our amazingly friendly and inspiring Cypher teachers
    • £160 for a full term


    The term runs from the 13th September to the 6th December 2021

    Home Requirements
    • A laptop or desktop computer per child (we currently don’t support iPads or tablets)
    • Access to admin controls
    • An internet connection with 3mbs+
    • Speakers, a microphone and a webcam (please test these on Zoom beforehand)
    • Windows or Mac operating system (any less than 5 years old are supported)
    • Chromebooks are not recommended (but can be used for Kilo or Mega students if necessary)

    It is essential that any children taking part have an adult on hand to help set up and tackle any troubleshooting. We will send out clear guides for all adults who are responsible for the students.