93: 093. The Startup Empowering Children with Coding

On August 5, 2020

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Is your child or children getting the education they need to survive in the 21st century? The world is changing fast, at this rate the jobs required in just five years don’t even exist yet in today's job market.


How do we equip the next generation with the right skills to be able to adapt and thrive?


Elizabeth Tweedale is passionate about challenging stereotypes. At school she captained the cheerleading squad and lead the computer science club.


Today, Elizabeth is CEO and founder of Cypher, a coding company for kids. Its mission is to empower children to confidently navigate the changing world around us by understanding the language of code.


Cypher has recently closed a funding round of £225k in investment following a period of growth in which it has pivoted to online classes.


In this episode Elizabeth shares her predictions for how future generations will create their own jobs, learnings from her own entrepreneurial journey, and tips for budding entrepreneurs.


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Host: Patricia Keating Guest: Elizabeth Tweedale, founder Cypher Coders www.cyphercoders.com


Listening Time: 50 mins


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