Why cypher_

Thank you for visiting. Here’s why you should join the Cypher community and book our amazing creativity and coding camps for your kids.

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Creative themes

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Learning coding through creative themes - an inspiring and inclusive approach

  • Creative themes appeal to girls and boys
  • Our themes relate computational thinking to the wider world eg in nature, architecture or fashion
  • Not just a coding language - multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory projects

Enriched childcare

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At our 'On Location' camps we provide enriched all day childcare - during every school holiday our day camps offer first-class, engaging learning and great fun for kids aged 5 - 12

  • Healthy balance of screen-time, social time and playtime
  • Well resourced locations in London, convenient pickups and early/late drop offs

enthusiastic teachers

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Dedicated, enthusiastic teachers - we recruit to the highest standards and our own unique criteria - encouraging and supportive individuals, personable and friendly computer science enthusiasts.

  • Inspiring and confident - Cypher trained and certified
  • Safe and reliable - DBS checked and trained to Safeguarding level 2

Tim Cook

CEO Apple

Creativity is the goal. Coding is just to allow that. Creativity is in the front seat; technology is in the backseat. It is sort of the blend with both of these that you can do such powerful things now.

Outstanding cumulative curriculum

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Our cumulative curriculum goes above and beyond the National Curriculum.

  • Computational thinking enables your child to problem solve and apply their skills to technology and the world around them
  • A cumulative and progressive program for each child from 4 - 14 - rewarding and growing at every step
  • Nurtures a wider range of C21st skills eg teamworking, flexibility, creativity, communication

Designed to make your child future ready

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Designed and curated by computer scientists, educationalists, artists and designers to capture the best content for inspiring our students

  • Inspirational content to inspire, excite and build confidence in all children
  • Carefully created to reflect age and experience
  • Up-skilling the next generation to be able to lead, change and adapt alongside rapidly evolving technology